Eddie Johnson

  • #13
  • 5'11"
  • 200
  • Eligible for NCAA D I


My parents instilled in me the benefit of working not just hard, but smart as well. They started teaching me alongside my older sister so I would get used to education. Whether it was doing ABCs up the stairs or 123s down the stairs or listening to my parents read to me, I was always in an educational environment. Because of that foundation, I continue to strive in school. I hope to obtain an MBA and join my father at his consulting firm (maybe even take it over).


Since the age of 3 I have been practicing Martial Arts and achieved my black belt at 9. During this time I have played several sports, including soccer, basketball, football and baseball. Although I was a very good football player and excelled at soccer, baseball is my main sport and it is also where I have the most fun. I have moved through Little League and now play on private teams. These teams have enabled me to play in exclusive tournaments and showcases. Each of those events has taught me to watch other players and to hone my own skills.


My next step is achieving a good education from a good school and continue to play the sport I love. Between academics and sports the one constant is my work ethic and my positive attitude. With those tools as the foundation in my toolbox, I drive forward.

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